My funfilled experience with clients as a Delhi Escorts

My funfilled experience with clients as a Delhi Escorts

A big hello to all those who are taking time out of their busy lives to go through this article. I am a beautiful and mature housewife working as a Delhi Escorts in Delhi for the last two years.

My real name is Deepa but my clients know me as Daisy. I was given this nickname by my agency because of my milky complexion and glowing skin. I am not going to bore the readers by describing my curvy body and facial beauty.

I would like to share my experience with my clients after I began my career as a Delhi Escort girl.

My first few dealings as a Delhi escort

I still remember the time when I was sent to a client for the first time as an escort. I joined the escort agency to earn some extra income as I was not able to fulfill my desires with the meager income of my husband.

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I was terrified in the beginning as I was not sure how my clients would treat me. I was afraid of being treated badly but to my pleasant surprise, my first client was a young man in his thirties.

He was mesmerized by my beauty and sensuality and treated me with a lot of respect and dignity. Of course, he made love to me but he never forced himself upon me. He was soft and gentle in his approach and made me feel like a complete woman.

I am really grateful to other Delhi escorts who always gave me the mental support and taught me how to behave firmly in front of my clients.

Men search for mature housewives with godly bodies among Delhi escorts

I am really fortunate to have a wonderful figure that I have maintained even after giving birth to two kids. Even though I am 35, I do not look like a housewife from any angle.

In fact, many of my clients are surprised when I tell them that I am the mother of two young kids. I have big boobs and a very juicy ass to easily cast a magical spell on the senses of my customers.

I look so delicate that men feel afraid of using brute force when making love to me. I belong to the category of mature housewives and it is my experience that men treat sensuous women with curvy bodies with extra caution and respect.

They idolize women with big and soft curves and they try to be as gentle yet manly with them when they are in the company of such Delhi escort girls.

I play the role of a teacher for boys as a Delhi escort

I love to play the role of a mentor for young boys and men who are not sure about their abilities in bed. Being an experienced woman in such matters, I try to bring amazing bodily pleasures to these clients.

I tell them not to worry if they ejaculate soon after putting it inside me. I stroke their manhood to make it come alive and play with it for some time to make my clients feel better in bed with me. Protection Status